SMTPClient Class  v.1.0

SMTPClient Class for REALBasic and RealStudio is the ultimate class for sending email.

AppPrep  v.1.4.2001

AppPrep allows REALStudio developers to quickly prepare their apps for submission to the Mac App Store.


VolControl  v.0.84

Volume up or down from with the help of your keyboard. VolControl registers two hotkey combinations with Windows which correspond to the volume up and volume down commands.

MozVac  v.0.16 Beta

MozVac automates the process of applying the SQLite vacuum command to Firefox and Thunderbird 3.x profiles. MozVac supersedes and replaces FoxVac. Apply the SQLite vacuum command to Firefox profiles.

UPX GUI  v.0.08 Alpha

UPX GUI aims to provide a graphical interface to the UPX executable packer utility.Installation: This software does not require installation, though it will offer to download the UPX.exe utility into your system's path.Usage: To use the software

ColorCap  v.0.15 Beta

Captures the color codes for the pixel under the mouse cursor. ColorCap can pick the color code of any pixel on the screen. You can Copy the color value to the clipboard with a click of a button. The applicatioon does not require installation.

Watch TV  v.0.71 Beta

Watch several streaming TV channels. Watch TV accesses the live streaming video from various TV stations and display them in a WMP object.Installation Watch TV does not require installation. This means that you can use it as a portable app on a USB

DropFTP  v.0.17

DropFTP is a simple FTP client. It permits quick one-off uploads to a preset FTP server by simply dropping a file onto its window.Usage: Launch dropftp.exe. You will be prompted to input your server details.Requirements: * NET

Head  v.0.7

Head retrieves the HTTP headers for a URL. Not necessary so long as the head Libs directory is next to the EXE. This is a command line utility. Output can be piped/redirected from STDOUT. STDERR not used.Command Line Parameters: -showip Print the IP

PasteIt  v.0.20 Beta

Yet another software designed to take advantage of Pastebin's public API. PasteIt is yet another software designed to take advantage of Pastebin's public API. It's a simple drag and drop interface:

Blinkenlights  v.1.1

Blinkenlights shows blinkenlights, displays blinking lights.Installation: Blinkenlights does not require installation. To use Blinkenlights, simply extract the main executable file and double click on it.Notes: Press q to exit. You may alter the

Windows Reactivator  v.1.2

The Windows Reactivator allows you to backup and restore the Activation Status of an already activated installation of Microsoft Windows XP. This software does not circumvent the Windows Activation requirement.

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